Chatbots For Organizations And Why You Should Be Using It

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An artificial intelligent system you can converse with, ‘Chatbots’ are offering earnest implications to the business world today. Many companies have already launched their own interactive system which is capable of chatting with consumers in the most ‘human-ish’ manner. Although its usage in customer care department may generate feasible results but on a larger scale, its internal application is priceless. For example, chatbots are helpful in developing a virtual interactive session for employees, sharing information about the various endeavors of the company. Look at this example screenshot –


Digital technology is going through a transformation, even within the structure of an organization that is encountering challenges with other versions of real-time interactions.


Chatbots reduces the usage of mobile apps

Today, brands like Sephora, Barbie, Bank of America, Pizza Hut have successfully created their interactive chatbots to engage their consumers effectively. Their assistance is similar to what Siri ( Iphone) or Amazon Echo does. Today, you can chat with a bot to know about the weather forecast in your city. Get the right schedule of your flight or even trace your package with the courier company. The new age chatbots are sharper, they can recall important information, store and synthesize useful data.

Few key findings from a survey indicates that bots are here to stay

  • 51% of people say that a business should be available 24/7 . Who can do this job effortlessly than a smart interactive chatbot?
  • Almost 46% online users said that they would choose messaging over email when communicating with a brand for any instant query or just generally. Messenger, kik, wechat is the answer
  • 49% users claimed that they would not use a helpline or customer care number and would rather chat. With bots, you dont have to hold the line and wait for the customer representative to attend you.

Business comprising chatbots, organizes and engages customers

A procedure known as ‘deep learning’ is used by chatbots, which is a kind of machine training. This procedure allows recognition of voice, verbal communication, following a precise pattern, and transmitting data through distinctive channels of network.


Chatbot’s innovation is a boon for people who are trying to chose a balance between their hectic work and life schedules. Moreover they also need to focus on major insinuation in business where they can reorganize, restructure or improve work methodologies to garner fruitful results. If you remember the artificial intelligence ‘Enterprise’ in Start Trek, you would understand the importance of an interactive intelligent system in today’s age.

A system that spares no time in exploring the essential data of your organization and presents the required information to an employee who needs it. Chatbots take analytical decisions when a customer interacts, the system can very well map out if a query needs to be automated or requires a human interference.


Chatbots for Charities

A promising prospective for Non-profits, chatbots can effectively boost specialized digital fundraising  platforms. Such bots can very well organize , mechanize fundraisers or an entire team that is responsible for fundraising activities. It can effectively make routine for planned tasks or  action plans, individual schedules, fundraising objectives, level of health and communications through other applications.


Such chatbot is yet to be built with this functionality but this would help any non-profit organization to generate more funds for its cause. In other words, such bots would eventually ease the procedure of fundraising and definitely reduce time consumption for the donors . This would eventually help them engage more and these donors may go ahead and publicise the through word of mouth, which will benefit the organization in future.


Bots are not only the new-age  phenomena  but also a necessity for any business. Its usage surpasses the experience of using a simple app of a company. Whether you want to shop for your new outfit, or want to fetch latest business news, bot will never fail to impress you. This intelligently designed interactive system mimics the art of carrying a conversation with a human and by far it has been successful. For any non-profit or charitable organization, bot can engage the supporters and inform them about fundraising programs, donation methods etc. Bots are here to stay and will evolve astonishingly, they might even exceed humans in the future. Evolvement of digital technology at various levels ensures evolvement of consumer centric online tools and bot is definitely not an exception.